Nov 24, 2020

New​ Label & Second Album!!

Finally, I can announce!

My own label “nagalu” has now started and my second album “Another Story” will be released from there!


Order and listen ​here

June 23, 2019

Amedia Cymbals

Very happy to announce that Shinya is now endorsing Amedia Cymbals from Istanbul, Turkey.

The quality of their cymbals is truely amazing, and you can hear the history and the future of Turkish cymbals through them.

The way they blend into music is just pure and phenomenal.

More videos and pictures of Shinya's cymbals will be posted soon...

【Current Setup】‬
‪23” Stingray Traditional‬
‪22” Stingray Edge‬
‪21” Old School EFX‬
‪14” Vintage Hihat Top‬
‪14” Jazz Legend Hihat Bottom‬

since 2019


ユニバーサル ミュージックが運営するジャズのWEBサービス「BLUE NOTE CLUB」にて、連載「ゆっくり、だけど、確実に。 〜福盛進也 音楽半生記〜」がスタートしました。生まれてから現在に到るまでのお話を楽しんでいただければと思います。​(隔週更新)



May 3, 2018

jazzahead! 2018

Watch and listen to Shinya Fukumori Trio's beautiful performance at jazzahead! 2018!

watch here


June 23, 2019

land & quiet CD Release

Debut album by Goro Ito's land & quiet is now released from Verve/Universal Records.

Order and listen here

ECM 2574.jpg

February 16, 2018

For 2 Akis

- Shinya Fukumori Trio

My debut album "For 2 Akis" is out today!!

So happy to announce that my debut album is released from the legendary record label, ECM Records!

Read more about the album here

Order and listen here

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